BFA Thematic Area

Quality Education

Problem Statement

The students stay theoretical and indulge in abstract reasoning evasive of practical work & employment

Corrective Actions

Demystifying sciences by training teachers and educationists in subject causality of science performance with practical modelling & learning to unlearn by putting knowledge to test for usable quality products and services for a holistic person prepared for the regeneration of the green enterprise holistic villages

Combining theory and practice in management and production sciences putting forth a framework of smart strategic planning with continuous reflective assessment and evaluation of outcomes at all levels of learning and doing Quality Education Accountability Dialogue (QEAD) symposia with TABLES OF FAME  

Marching for Quality Education Awards & Dinner (M4QEAD) events with TABLES OF FAME

Publication of the Quality Education Journal & Directory with profiles of the CEOs & staff of the participating organizations & academic institutions

Self-branding & projection for higher achievement not for retirement in the Personal-Private-Public Partnership model for the Round Table Africa Think Tank (RTATT) event with TABLES OF FAME

Quality Education in Pictures