Quality Health

The World of Health is disturbingly discriminative. The rich are becoming more exclusively selected for access to Quality Health Products. Business Friends Africa is bent on finding innovative ways of making Quality Health accessible to more and more members of society. This means getting an array of expanding alternative quality products. These products must be tested and evidence driven. Testimonies based on non-conflicting financial interests are jealously followed.

In Africa, there are many communities with sites of knowledge and natural resources on treatment and healthy living. The collaboration between traditional and main-stream medicine is still constrained by lack of harmonization of the differing medical approaches. Business Friends Africa is committed to providing an ethically professional platform to engage the public and private health practitioners for quality health products and services. In the meantime, treatment continues amongst the poor communities for ailments based on historical memory. Most of the treatment is hardly documented. Cure claims have to be accompanied by tests of known parameters and patience is required to arrive at ethical conclusion. Business Friends Africa shall continue to share new information on challenging ailments from both the traditional and main stream medicine practitioners. The burden of proof shall be bestowed upon the producer to fit within the armpits of Business Friends Africa Quality Health Products.


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