Quality Education

In a World where Artificial Intelligence threatens to replace Natural Intelligence, the need for fast-first-teaching and fast-first-learning is critical for moving with the times. The intuition into creativity and innovation shall be based on operational research and an integrative approach rather than abstract theory or Africa’s traditional-based technical institutes training. There is need for innovative integration of the education system to avoid time wastage of age and resources attributed to wasteful teaching and training.

The above reasons have intrigued us into finding proven researched ways to stimulate the self-confidence of the African student. The Business Friends Africa Psychometric-Quiz has the following characteristics; it is designed to build a self-confident and constructive citizenry; it is designed for a comprehensive self-assessment internally and across schools and regions, longitudinally and cross-sectionally. This quickly brings out the image and the need for an integrated curriculum and of adapting teaching to problem solving.

The adaptation of teaching to the competitive value-chains across the board shall enable the construction of an integrated backward and forward linkage economy that shall enhance the quality of products and services, promote incomes and employment and especially raise the welfare of the teachers while enhancing the enjoyment and quality of teaching.



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