Corporate Breakfast Event

The Business Friends Africa Corporate Breakfast is a networking platform for clearheaded engagement of Government for Business and Economic inclusion. These are morning breakfast events providing a platform for corporate networking along critical issues and engaging Government for Business and Economic inclusion of indigenous  enterprises, corporate organizations and institutions for economic growth. It is a platform which is informed by research in areas that are critical for building a skilled human resource needed to fast-track economic growth. This is addressed by bringing to the fore policy matters that need to be addressed by Government for business and economic inclusion.

The skilled human resource is critical for economic transformation. There are policy matters that need to be addressed by Government to attract and to retain the skilled human resource. This means that this matter shall not be addressed by training alone but by also looking into ways of strategically attracting skilled human resources. This is critical because capital is driven by the human resource. There must be a paradigm shift from emphasizing  finance capital without the commensurate human capital. Appropriate training, innovation and technology transfer require progressive public private partnerships. The critical areas that have emerged from our previous engagements with Government are taxation and work-permits.  Taxation red-tape and ambiguous  work-permits on skills promote corruption and capital flight.