Who we are

Business Friends Africa started work in 2006 carrying out training and research. The research is published in the Business Friends Africa journal and other international academic journals and is disseminated to the public through conferences and other public forums. We have therefore over 10 years experience in organizing conferences, corporate breakfasts, workshops, science symposiums and tent activities. These events cover a wide range of topics for economic development. The conferences seek to shift Knowledge from mainstream Education to Life-skills and from Life-skills to mainstream Education across the range. The research covers various areas which are aligned to Entrepreneurship Capacity building, Science intermediation, Business and Development.

Business Friends Africa promotes and manages a private public trust. The Trust is engaged in four broad development areas:

Quality Education
, Quality Health, Land Access and Clean Environment.

We help to mentor children and to fast-track students for higher degrees by assisting them with concept and research proposal writing, data collection and analysis, and attachment to accredited Universities. We also promote and mobilize skills for competent value-chains and engage government for Business and Economic inclusion through improved policy and legal frameworks for equitable Economic Development.
A Better World
To promote Life-Long Fast-First-Learning
Core Value
Core Skill
Branding Visibility around Intelligent Business and Development Research Dissemination
Core Competency
Sustainable Public Private Partnership