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Dr. David Dan Mayanja

The word cosmos means an orderly world, and pursuant to my educational background which culminated into the PhD in economics, I have endeavored to conform to the narrative. The range of my skills & experience cover value-chains, training workshops, symposiums & conferences with exhibitions, strategic planning and constructive engagement of government bodies for business and economic development with a long experience in promoting Quality Education & Products. I am a man of both rural and urban upbringing who has experienced deforestation and profanity of the urban and the virginity and serenity of the countryside. This drives my ultimate project of the Green Enterprise Holistic Villages (GEHOVS@).

The GEHOVS@ combine the ideals of the two worlds to create a modern village free of soil erosion with the rich restoration of the countryside of organic food and clean air considered a prize for retirement and a healthy longevity environment augmented by a sustainable niche value-chains local economy. The vehicle to this world is Business Friends Africa through the following eight thematic areas; 

Thematic Areas

BFA Thematic Areas


The students stay theoretical and indulge in abstract reasoning evasive of practical work & employment


Lack of data on sources and capacities of our personnel to deliver quality products & services


Lack of awareness, organized documentation, research & training of herbalists especially in the standardization, production, packaging and commercialization processes and demonization of herbal (traditional) medicine by conventional (modern) medicine

Quality Education, Quality Health, Land Access and Clean Environment.

We help to mentor children and to fast-track students for higher degrees by assisting them with concept and research proposal writing, data collection and analysis, and attachment to accredited Universities. We also promote and mobilize skills for competent value-chains and engage government for Business and Economic inclusion through improved policy and legal frameworks for equitable Economic Development.

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BFA Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event

Marching for Quality Education with Awards and Dinner

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